Circa Solar Energy

Circa Solar Energy Inc. is dedicated to making solar/wind power accessible to everyone and providing you with complete power systems.  Whatever your needs, we can design your system and find the right products and parts.

We are involved in many different projects such as:

  • Supply and Installation of Solar Street Lights
  • Supply and Installation of Solar Hot Water both Commercial and Residential
  • 5KW to 10KW Grid-tie systems for the OPA Micro-FIT program
  • 100kW to 1mW FIT projects
  • Wind turbines for Net Metering
  • Eco Energy Solutions to reduce electrical consumptions costs.

During the 25 plus years we have been involved with large and small scale projects throughout Ontario.  Having a construction background gave us an edge when it comes to developing Eco Energy Solutions.

In the last nine years, we have made the move into providing Eco Energy products for many of our client construction projects.  In the last seven years, we have moved into the Eco Energy sector full time.

We are a young, vibrant company and are growing rapidly.  Circa Solar Energy are a manufactures agent, dealer, distributor, and installer of high-quality solar panels, inverters, adaptors, solar hot water, solar air conditioning, and wind turbine systems.